Who do we help ?

The project is primarily intended for existing entrepreneurs, companies and other persons who do business following the principles of social entrepreneurship, as well as all those who are thinking of starting a business of this nature, who will be invited to apply and take part in the project  activities with hope of providing them support with setting up this kind of business .

Since the area hasn’t been sufficiently explored there is no reliable information regarding the structure of companies and entrepreneurs who already do business following this principle, but what we do have is nothing but certain assumptions which occasionally appear in public. Furthermore, for the aforementioned reasons, we do not know enough about the problems  they have to deal with in their work, as well as the needs for the support of the community for their own development, as well as  for the development of the social entrepreneurship in general.

Through this project it has been planned to set up the office for the development of social entrepreneurship in Krusevac, which would serve as an aid to all individuals interested in setting up this sort of business, but also to help individuals who already do business following the principles of social economy to organize and actively devote to the development of their status in the community.

Research among entrepreneurs in Rasina district, which will be conducted through this project, will have a goal of confirming the number and structures of individuals who already do business or have intentions to do business by principles of social economy, who are interested in cooperation and that together devote themselves to change the status by creating the legal framework, financial or other measures for the development of social economy. The research will also include the resources of local communities in Rasina district which can have a function of development of social economy.

The project is a pilot project and all information and gained experience will willingly be shared with other local authorities, development agencies, organizations of civil society and all other interested parties which show interest in replicating the project in other environments. This project has been designed in that way that similar projects can be realized in virtually any district, municipality or city in the Republic of Serbia since it doesn’t require specific resources for a specific community.