Who can be a social entrepreneur?

Social entrepreneurship

What is social entrepreneurship? Innovative ideas solve problems in the community. Social entrepreneurship in modern society offers an altruistic form of entrepreneurship

About the project

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to strengthening the role of civil society in improving the quality of social life through the provision of various services to socially sensitive groups.

What we do

The project "Office to support the development of social entrepreneurship Kruševac" aims to create a stimulating environment for the development of this type of business in Serbia, first of all in Kruševac and in the Rasin district.

Whom we help

The project is primarily intended for existing entrepreneurs, companies and other legal entities that operate according to the principles of social entrepreneurship, but also for all those who are thinking about starting a business of this type, who will be invited to apply and take part in project activities, with the aim of support and strengthen on the way to starting a business of this kind.

Features of this type of business?

Deep empathy Innovation System view A sustainable approach The work of change makers

Social entrepreneurship implies sustainable economic engagement through the sale of products or services, which can cover the costs of doing business…

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A new solution to the problem

Social entrepreneurship contributes to the development of an economy based on solidarity

Center for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship

What we do


Support for new social entrepreneurs

Potential social entrepreneurs usually have quality business ideas and initiatives, but they need support in starting and running a business.


Existing social entrepreneurs need the support of the community in promoting business, marketing products and services, networking and joint performance with other interested parties.

Creating joint activities

The center is a gathering place for potential and existing social entrepreneurs and the creation of joint activities (education and workshops on social entrepreneurship, promotional activities, public advocacy and other activities of interest for the development of social entrepreneurship)


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