About the project

The agency for regional development  of Rasina district and the Association of Citizens for the support of European integrations “Evrokontakt” from Krusevac are undergoing a project “Development of social entrepreneurship in Rasina district”, with hope of providing contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in our country by creating a fertile environment for social entrepreneurship.

It is planned that within the first six months, which will be the length of the first phase of the project, we realize all of the planned activities in all six municipalities and towns that belong to Rasina district and achieve the following results:

  • to establish the recourses of local communities in Rasina district for the development of social entrepreneurship;
  • to set up an institutional framework  for the development of social entrepreneurship;
  • to  present the project and the topic of social entrepreneurship to everyone who is interested and to the public.

Among other activities, two would stand out which make this project very innovative. We have commenced the work of the office for the development of social entrepreneurship in Krusevac within the premises of the Agency for regional development of Rasina district with the idea that be the place for providing help and support for the existing, but also future members in social economy. Furthermore, we are planning to initiate their merger into the network of social entrepreneurs which would enable the voices of social entrepreneurs be heard louder and clearer.

Since this is a pilot-project, all information and gained experience will willingly be shared with other local authorities, development agencies, ogranisations of civil communities, and all other interested parties which show interest in realizing similar projects in other parts of Serbia.

The project was  financially supported  by the Development agency of Serbia through the program of support to projects for economic improvement in 2017.